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  • Boston Educational Article of the Month - What do Wildlife Rehabilitators do with Skunks?

What do Wildlife Rehabilitators do with Skunks?

Many people want to eliminate Boston skunks when they see them roaming around. You should not worry since you have the chance of relying on the wildlife rehabilitators, who shall rescue the skunks. They aid in:
• Eliminating any form of menace caused by the skunk
• Work round the clock to ensure there is no threat caused by skunks
• Teach the community the right way of handling Massachusetts skunks before reporting the matter to the authorities

When the Massachusetts rehabilitators have the skunks, they return them to their different natural habitats, where they shall not cause any harm to humans. This process also entails monitoring the species, and understanding their lifestyle.

Return them to their natural habitat
Many Boston skunks live in the forest, and this is the best natural habitat. When the rehabilitators catch a collection of skunks, they shall return them to the natural habitats, where they are free to roam about and will not cause havoc to the gardens, or invade homes and offices.

Ensure they do not cause havoc or diseases to the community
It is the duty of the rehabilitators to study and test the skunks. Some of the skunks cause diseases like rabies, which is infectious and deadly. When they rescue the skunks, they conduct tests to ensure they are disease free, and not spread the diseases among dogs, humans, and other Massachusetts skunks. The testing period is paramount to ensure the skunks are healthy.

Prevent death of skunks by keeping them alive
Skunks play a vital role in the food chain. It is not advisable to eliminate all skunks by killing them. The rehabilitators shall prevent death of skunks by simply rescuing them, and taking them back to their natural habitats. They shall also use preventative means like fences to ensure Boston skunks do not enter compounds, or roam around freely in the towns.

Study them to know more about them, diseases, and species
It is vital to keep on studying the behavior of the Boston skunks. There are different diseases caused by the skunks, and there are different species of the skunks. It is the duty of the wildlife community to study in detail about the skunks as well as other animals. There are new behaviors they adapt based on habitat, diet, and weather conditions. When the rehabilitators rescue the skunks, they conduct a study to know more about their different behaviors. This is a good way of understanding the Massachusetts skunks and to aid with future studies.

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