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  • Boston Educational Article of the Month - What does Raccoon Feces Look Like?

What does Raccoon Feces Look Like?

Raccoons are small mammals however bigger than Massachusetts rodents. They dwell in your properties and cause damages to your belongings. You can trap them by different methods and can get rid of them easily if you know trapping of the raccoons. Since you come across lots of small animals in your home and they poop in your homes as well. Due to diversity it is hard to recognize which animal is causing troubles. However, you can get to the exact animal if you observe the feces of Boston animals. Nearly all the animals poop and their feces differ in size, shape and geometry. You can find the exact animal if you have the exact information about the feces of animals.

Raccoons like other Boston animals poop in houses and you can find their feces in your property as well. The feces of raccoons are tube shaped. They are 2 to 3 inches long in length. However, they are smaller as compared to a hot dog. The feces of raccoons generally resemble the feces of dogs. However, you can differentiate them easily. The feces of raccoons include some undigested foods items in them. The remnants of food are usually observed in the feces of raccoons. For instance, if you find feces of reddish brown color and have undigested seeds of berry, you must consider it the feces of Massachusetts raccoons. On the other hand, if a raccoon has eaten corn you will observe kernel in the feces of that raccoon. Generally, raccoons urinate and defecate at same place like humans. Moreover, they pile up their feces as well.

Since Boston raccoons dwell in your property, their feces are always there which you can observe by getting the information about the feces of raccoons. Usually, raccoons make tree bases their homes, in such a case; you can find them easily by observing bases of trees in your garden. Raccoon do visit your attic and they may defecate there. Similarly, raccoons also live in stumps of trees you can find them as well. Moreover, under desks are favorite places of raccoons to defecate. If you own a garage, keenly observe your garage as the raccoons also defecate in garages. These are some of the notable places where you can find the feces of Massachusetts raccoons.

Like feces of other animals, the feces of Massachusetts raccoons also cause hazard to health. You can get rid of them by getting rid of raccoons. Rabies is common disease caused by small animals and so does the raccoons by feces. There are certain diseases that are spread by feces of raccoons. Feces of raccoons are associated with other diseases as well. You have to get knowledge of feces of Boston raccoons to get rid of them.

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