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How to Get Rid of Bats in Boston - Bat Control

Nobody likes Massachusetts bats. Unless you are a vampire or some kind of weird freak, there is simply no way to like these flying rats. They are horrible in every way imaginable, and do nothing but spread disease and terror. If they can be gotten rid of then it is certainly a must do so.

Here are some simple things you can do to get rid of these vermin to make your home and property feel a lot safer and be a lot more enjoyable.

If a bat flies into your home, which they are prone to do at times, then you must begin by simply finding a way to shoo it out yourself. This is actually not too hard to do. Start by opening all the windows in your home. You want to give the bat every chance to get out of your home, and to find nothing standing in its way. All doors and windows to the outside should be opened. You want to make it as light as possible in your home so it is uncomfortable for the bat. Simply turn on all the lights and then, using a broom, swooshing the bat toward a door or window until it goes away. Make sure you try to cover as much of your skin as possible to protect yourself from getting bitten.

If the bat has landed in your home you can also use a Tupperware container or coffee can to get it out. If the Boston bat is on the floor or on a wall, simply go over and cover the bat with the container so it is pinned inside the container with the wall closing the top. Pull the container slightly away from the wall, and slide a top or board over the top of the container. Take it outside and lift the top and let the bat go.

If you have a butterfly or fishing net, this is a great way to catch bats and get them out. It also makes your contact with them a lot less personal, which is favored by many people who see these little beasts as just plane yicky!! Catch the bat in the net, take it outside and shake the net until the bat is free. Wear safety gloves to protect your hands at all times. You may find that you have to push the bat out of the net, and if you already have gloves on you have saved yourself some time.

Bats are not a particularly big fan of smoke. This is a great option to use if there are bats that are living in your chimney. Open the flume slightly before lighting the fire so they cannot get in. Then start your fire and, using your poker, pull the flume open all the way. The smoke and the heat from the fire are sure to scare them away. Just as a note, one of the reasons why you don’t open the flume all the way at first, is so that when you do open it completely a huge gust of smoke heads up the chimney causing the bats to scurry. It is best to do this at dusk so they will fly away for darker areas.

If you do not have a net, a great way to catch Boston bats so you can remove them is by use of a blanket. If a bat is laying on the floor or a piece of furniture, you simply walk up to it slowly and throw the blanket over the top of it. The bat can do nothing except take being stuck there. Wearing heavy gloves, you simply walk over and scoop it up inside the blanket, go outside and shake out the blanket to free it. Then watch it fly away. Be sure to shake the blanket away from yourself so that the bat will not lash out at you as it is released.

Some have found that ultrasound waves will irritate bats enough to get them to fly away. Because a bat’s hearing is so sensitive, anytime you play a high pitched sound it makes them so uncomfortable that they fly away to get away from the horrible sound. Before you go out and buy one of these machines, I will say that the research is out on how effective these devices are. No one has conclusively proven their success.

The last option to get rid of them is a simple one. Using a broom again, you do not necessarily need to shoo the bat away but, instead, you could club the bat a couple of times to disorient it. Then, using gloves, pick up the bat by hand and throw it far away from your home so it will go away. This is the caveman approach but it works.

To learn more about our Boston bat removal services, visit the Boston animal control home page.

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